About us

Central Trading LLC is one of the largest office stationery company in Oman, was established in 1998. Over the years, the company has earned a reputation of delivering high quality service in a timely manner. Our strength lies in the outstanding relationships, we forge with clients, staff and communities, while always achieving the cost effective solutions. We believe that the success of our company and the community, depends on our ability to work with certified diverse suppliers to provide unique insight in to emerging markets, enhance our supply chain, build a loyal customer base and create wealth in the communities where do business.
Our showroom ‘Stationery Station’ displays with comprehensive ranges of office and school products, which were procured directly from international companies and sell at a very reasonable price to the community. Our showroom is located at Ghala in the ground floor of Al Raya Tower building, where customers can walk in to get a world class experience and choose the best products at reasonable prices. We realize that to serving our customers is our strength and which we give more efforts to satisfy our customers. We believe to change with time, market conditions and customer demands. The Head Office is also in the same Al Raya Tower building 4 th floor and it’s very near to the Muscat International Airport.
Ware House
We have 2 ware houses to keep the stocks, the ware house-1 is located in Ghala industrial area and the ware house-2 is located in Misfa industrial area near to Oman cement factory.
We strive to serve our customer with excellence in every aspects of interaction, we are transparent in dealing with our vendors and strive to respect as a model customer.
Our vision is to become a leading and respectful global office stationery supply company that provide superior value to our customer, community, employees and our well wishers- responsibly and sustainably.